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Our solution

We are developing a solution for continuous home-monitoring of people with neurological disease's gait symptoms with non-invasive connected insoles that give objective knowledge of the treatment’s efficacy.

Our first focus area is Parkinson's Disease, where the objective knowledge of the insoles will serve as supportive knowledge for neurologists when treating Parkinson's patients. By measuring pressure, acceleration and angular speed, we are able to monitor gait parameters, like speed, step lenght, asymmetry, freezing of gait, shuffling gait, and falls. 

Disease-specific gait

Targeting disease-specific gait symptoms

Besides monitoring basic gait parameters, such as speed, step lenght, and balance, we also monitor disease-specific gait symptoms, like freezing of gait, shuffling gait, asymmetry, etc.


Long-term home-monitoring

We provide a full system for long-term home-monitoring of gait symptoms. This allows for detailed insights into symptom fluctuations over time and thereby the efficacy of symptomatic treatment

Easy to use

Easy to use

We want our solution to be as easy to use as possible! Therefore we have chosen wireless Qi charging and wireless data transfer via wifi. Simply plug in the charger and place it on top of the insoles in your favorite shoes and let the system do the rest


Parkinson's Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


Equiped with

pressure sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope



Easy charging with a

Qi charger

Used continuously at home for

long-term home-monitoring

Automatic data transfer through


Meet our team

Magdalena Paul

Co-founder, COO

Michele Rocca

Ph.D, Data Science

Anna Rifé Mata

Student Assistant, Data Science

Christian Haahr

Co-founder, CEO

Emil Ramovic

Student Assistant, Hardware

Jonas Sikorskis

Student Assistant, Hardware Engineer

Naomi Hulst

Data Science

Santiago Orta

Student Assistant, Data Science

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